L'ombra della mia casa

I composed this two tracks before the realization of the film, inspired from the life and the mind that of many peoples of the worls, a life where gypsies find their idea of freedom, often paying an high price for that, a liberty that fascinates the 'modern' world influencing our Art, music and philosophy.
We found their thoughts, at times, as part of our hopes and goals. Each one of us at least once in our lives of sedentary citizens, wanted to be like them.

Two acts, a prologue, an epilogue to tell the story of the population of Sinti, a story of their deportation in the occupied Poland and their imprisonment in concentration camps.

We between them in the camp, them between us on the train, to remember. In frames of past and present of the nomad population we dive in their spirituality.

The soundtrack contains this two tracks:

  • L'ombra della mia casa, with an introduction by Alberto Bona

  • Seguendo il corso apparente del sole